Kravitz Properties Inc., located on the Main Line in Wayne, PA, is a family owned and operated real estate management company with a focus on commercial and residential properties in Montgomery, Chester and Delaware counties.  Kravitz Properties has developed, invested and managed real estate in the Philadelphia suburbs for close to fifty years.  We are committed to providing professional, reliable management services to fit the needs of any organization.  We pride ourselves on delivering personalized services to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our Story

About the Founder

Kravitz Properties, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Morris A. Kravitz, a legendary retail developer who was one of the first innovators of suburban shopping centers.   Mr. Kravitz focused on retail and commercial property management and development, building over 15 million square feet of retail shopping centers throughout his 65 year career.

Mr. Kravitz was founder and chairman of Morris A. Kravitz Development Inc. and also a founding partner of Kravco, who was instrumental in the development of the King of Prussia Mall, the second largest mall of retail space in the country.  He was also involved in several other development projects including shopping malls, strip centers, commercial offices, apartments and residential homes throughout the North East region.

We at Kravitz Properties strive to provide the best management services for our clients.  Our managers and staff are experienced professionals whose main focus is to maximize profitability and increase value for our clients’ properties.